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Collected Stories  
Studio 101 Collected Stories
Collected Stories is a two-character drama that takes an intimate look at the lives of a pair of writers, focusing on their friendship, ambitions, conflicts, rivalries and betrayals. Ruth Steiner, played by Co-Artistic Director Kim Tobin-Lehl, is an established scribe from Greenwich Village in New York. Famous for her short stories, she wants to share her knowledge and passion with the next generation of young and hungry authors. But when Lisa Morrison arrives, Ruth may have got more than she bargained for in this intense and funny play about art and the creative process. The Hollywood Reporter says: "As usual Margulies holds the rich ore of his material up to the light so that it sends beams in every direction ... always fluid and lively, the play is thick with ideas, like a stockpot of good stew."
The God Committee  
A.D. Players Theater The God Committee
A heart has suddenly become available for transplant - and the members of St. Patricks Hospital's Heart Transplant Selection Committee have only a matter of minutes to decide which of three patients will receive it. Told in real time with hints of Twelve Angry Men, ER and Grey's Anatomy, The God Committee provides a dramatic but also amusing glimpse into the machinations of a transplant program, as seven professionals (three doctors, a social worker, a psychiatrist, a nurse and a priest) encounter a conflict of emotions, ethics and responsibilities as they try to select who will live ... and who will die. Watch it all unfold at A.D. Players Theater in Houston.
Murder for Two  
Stages Repertory Theatre Murder for Two
The hit show that is selling out across the country is now coming to Houston! Everyone is a suspect in Murder for Two, a hilarious murder mystery with a twist. One actor plays the investigator, the other plays all 13 suspects, and both play the piano throughout! A zany blend of classic musical comedy and madcap mystery, this whodunit is a highly theatrical duet loaded with killer laughs. Experience all the fun at Stages Repertory Theatre's Arena Theater.
Songs From the Silver Screen  
The Music Box Theater Songs From the Silver Screen
Songs From the Silver Screen is a hilarious send-up of iconic movie moments and music from the history of American cinema. Catch it live at The Music Box Theater in Houston.